Square Michel Foucault!

An intrepid professor from Bloomington discovers the Square Michel Foucault in Paris.

This is from Differences and Repetitions, a blog by Prof. Ted Striphas.

I wonder if there is a square Lyotard, Baudrillard or Derrida? de Beauvoir?

Last year, when I traveled to Italy, I made a point of swinging by Rome’s Protestant Cemetery, where the Marxist activist and political theorist Antonio Gramsci is interred. In the same spirit I tried tracking down the burial sites of some of my favorite French philosophers before heading to Paris. Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far. Foucault apparently is buried somewhere in northern France, Derrida in a Parisian suburb. Guattari may be interred at La Borde clinic, and who knows where Deleuze is?

Anybody know?


2 Responses

  1. According to Didier Eribon (Michel Foucault. Paris 1991, p.354) Foucault’s Grave is in Vendeuvre near his birth town Poitiers, which is more than 300 km south-west of Paris.

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