History of the Situationist International

Not Bored! (which hosts the famous Surveillance Camera Players, previously mentioned in this blog) has written an interesting history of the Situationist International and Guy Debord.

Exactly 50 years ago today — on 28 July 1957 — the Situationist International (SI) was founded in Cosio d’Arroscia, a small village in Italy. Is it not senseless to celebrate such an event? The SI disbanded in April 1972, and so is no longer with us. Several of its most important members (Asger Jorn, Constant, and Guy Debord) are dead. When the organization was in existence, it existed both in and against its era;[1] it was never intended to last beyond it.[2] To the extent that the SI’s era has passed, so has the SI itself. There is no going back.


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