Resistance studies

The University of Göteborg has a resistance studies network.

We currently have a working group in Gothenburg which meets regularly and a steering group of five people based at School of Global Studies. An international advisory board is on the way being formed. We are looking for more active participants in the network and hope that new working groups might form in other parts of the world, supporting each other in the research of resistance.

From their mission statement (.doc):

The concept of “resistance” has only recently come into fashion and research in the field is meagre, see e.g. The Global Resistance Reader by Amoore (2005) or the Cultural Resistance Reader by Duncombe (2002). Some researchers have discussed aspects of power change or mentioned separate practices of resistance and promoted various well-known concepts vaguely related to resistance: such as performativity (Butler 1990), mobile subjectivities (Ferguson 1993), mimicry (Bhabha 1994), identity politics (Castells 1997; Woodward 1997), irony (Hutcheon 1994), intertextuality (Kristeva 1986; Fairclough 1992), multitude (Hardt & Negri 2004), whistle-blowing (Martin 1999), hidden transcripts (Scott 1987), anti-identity and anti-power (Holloway 2002), contention (Tilly et al 2001), disobedience and non-cooperation (Arato & Cohen 1994; Sharp 1973), queer (Rosenberg 2002), courage (Gilbert 2002), counter-power (Mathiesen 1982), and, deconstruction (Derrida 1997). While all these might be important components of resistance, their relevance and conceptual inter-relations are basically unclear since there is a lack of coherent research discussion on the phenomenon resistance. This forum is created to show the manifold nature and complexity of resistance and to fill in the gaps in order to provide a more multifaceted and coherent analysis of resistance and power, and in particular of its relation to social change.


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