Michael Watts shot in Africa

I’ve just heard that the British geographer Michael Watts was attacked and shot in Nigeria. He appears to be OK and even sent an email:-

“I am OK. But only just. I was visiting Ibiba [Don Pedro] when a bunch of thugs arrived – about 10-12 on bikes very heavily armed. I think it was criminal not political but the nature of PH right now is that it is impossible to know because of the post election crisis and the political gang warfare. But in the total chaos there was a lot of shooting; one shot in the leg. They came calling for ‘the white man’ and asked me for money after hitting me on the head with a Beretta. Then another group came, high on drugs, and tried to shoot my leg as I was getting up but missed and hit my left hand. I am OK but shaken, and my usual confidence is shaken. The city is in lock down and is unraveling I’m afraid and it will get worse. Poor Ibiba, Isaac and their staff are traumatised and suffered loss and damages. But I suppose it could have been very much worse. Thanks for your concern. MW”

Here is Michael Watts’ homepage if you are interested in his work (sometimes drawing on Foucault, although that doesn’t seem quite relevant right now). I wish him and his friends a quick recovery.


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