In an 1984 interview with the anthropologist Paul Rabinow, Foucault discussed his distaste for the polemical form of argument.

Rabinow is now involved in a philosophy blog that often covers Foucault’s work.

ck at arbitrarymarks has some further reflections. Here’s a taste.

One thing Foucault makes clear in this interview is that he’s not a deconstructionist. Instead, he’s doing critical analysis of human thought, of the way we generate concepts and representations. At stake for Foucault is “the morality that concerns the search for the truth and the relation to the other.”

It’s always interesting to me the range of people who take up Foucault’s work (or who reject it–a much narrower category!). ck appears to be involved in the Unitarian Universalist Association.


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  1. ck is actually a philosophy student who has just completed a master’s degree in analytic philosophy and is starting at Loyola University in Chicago in the fall 🙂

    That would explain any misinterpretation on my part in reading Foucault–I’ve read him on my own and am not trained in continental philosophy (you can see my reflections on Prado’s Searle & Foucault on Truth at the same blog.)

    And yes, I’m part of the UUA.

  2. Hi ck,

    My comments certainly weren’t meant to find fault at all. I have quite a wide range of Foucault interests and just like to share what I’ve found “out there.”

    Given that you are “transgressing” across the typical analytic-continental divide your comments are more than welcome.

  3. Oh, no, didn’t take it that way–just tossing in a caveat since I am a beginner! I’m glad to join in the conversation, though, and to have found your blog. It’s a very interesting range of links.

    Best, ck

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