Anti-psychiatry protest and the “Foucault Tribunal”

We invite you to join our protest:

– on Wednesday, 6 June, starting at 8:30h in front of the Congress Center on the sidewalk of Devrienstrasse. Starting at 16h we will proceed in a demonstration to the square in front of the “Kulturpalast” (intermediate demonstration) and later to the Town Hall (Rathaus) square with a closing speech at ca. 17:30h.

More here. It seems to involve Gert Postel, a postman who conned his way to the head of a psychiatry unit (English interview here).

They are also going to show the “Foucault Tribunal” which was a mock trial held in 1998 in Germany. The “plaintiff” was Thomas Szasz who issued this indictment on coercive psychiatry

Afterwards, Kate Millett in the “jury” announced this verdict:

We conclude that, being unwilling to renounce the use of force, violence and coercion, psychiatry is guilty of crimes against humanity: the deliberate destruction of dignity, liberty and life. Most of all through the legal category of “mental patient” which permits a total deprivation of human and civil rights and the laws of natural justice. 

A video is available. Interesting material, and they seemed to be serious about it.


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