Foucault on film

At the New Hydra Charles Joseph is exploring the role of Foucault’s ideas in films.

This blog is part of an experiment that asks: What is a conversation like that makes use of current technology and how can that type of conversation benefit the study and enjoyment of philosophy?

This raises a question–already broached actually in the post on blogging as self-writing–of whether a blog can occupy or carve out a space that is different. Not different from everything else in a kind of heterotopia, but different from the way conversations about deeply serious issues–philosophical issues–tend to occur.

That is, encrusted with their own power relations, authorities and expertise (and gestures to indicate expertise). Can a blog be playful about Foucault, where playful is not afraid to be only trivial, but fun and open? Without answers, but only questions? That values questions and not knowledge?

The hydra in fact tries this. It sees Katrina as the eye of power:

It examines power in the films of Oliver Stone:

The collection of actors investigated by District Attorney Jim Garrison displays themes consistent with Foucault’s writing on power. By looking at three scenes from the film, the project turns now to presenting power as a crisis – a crisis of identity, of oneness, and of autonomy.

Here Youtube is important. Here’s a scene from JFK on paranoia and the microphysics of power:

Youtube is with its snippets of interviews with Foucault, Derrida, Jameson, Butler, etc. also such a new opening. Perhaps Foucault died too long ago to be truly represented on youtube, or perhaps it hasn’t made it’s way there yet (if I can find 1974 glam rock videos, who’s to say what else might appear there one day?).

In any case click here for more Foucault youtubes or here to see Foucault speak on Bachelard:


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