STP “delivered”


Amazon is reporting that Security, Territory, Population has finally been “delivered” to my university address, only 8 weeks late.

I’m off to see whether this is true or not!

Update. 14:12pm.  Yup. I’m holding it in my hands. Does this make me the first person in North America to receive it, or indeed the last?


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  1. Mine has not yet shipped from – so you certainly aren’t the last!

  2. OK, good to know (for me).

    I do wonder why there is this geographical variability in release. I know in the UK it came out in March.

    As a bonus and I think for the first time in this volume they identify the English titles of the forthcoming volumes (I’ve added the dates):

    The Birth of Biopolitics (1978-9)
    The Will to Knowledge (1970-1)
    Theories of Punishment (1971-2)
    The Punitive Society (1972-3)
    The Government of Man (1979-80)
    Subjectivity and Truth (1980-1)
    The Government of Self and Others (1982-3)
    The Courage of Truth (1983-4)

    Note that these titles vary from and are not the same ones chosen in the Rabinow “Essential Foucault” series (and in which the final two courses have no summary).

  3. I think I’ll cancel my order with on Monday if it hasn’t shipped and move it to… I wonder what the logic was in the order of translation? I’d think that STP would have been the most popular volume (on account of the concepts of “security” and “governmentality”). Not that I’m complaining, but I would have been willing to wait on the mammoth Hermeneutics of the Subject.

  4. ordered mine via amazon with 2-day shipping on tuesday (that silly amazon prime promo made it free). had it in hand thursday.

    love to see Kevin Thompson’s blurb on the back too (who told me last week that, indeed, Birth of Biopolitics will be out in English this time next year).

  5. Thanks for the news! Looking forward to receiving mine. Is that the order that the lectures will be released? One a year?

  6. Matthew,

    The lectures will come out (in French) as follows:

    1983 – early 2008
    1984 – late 2008
    1971 – 2009
    1981 – 2010

    The Birth of Biopolitics will come out in English next year.

  7. Does anyone know when the 1983 course will be out in English? For sure?

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