Moi, Pierre Rivière movie sequel

A sequel has been made to the movie Moi, Pierre Rivière… based on Foucault’s book of the same name about a true case of parricide.


TimeOut says:

Thirty years ago, Philibert worked as an assistant to René Allio on his film Moi, Pierre Rivière…, adapted from Michel Foucault’s book about a famous parricide case of the 1830s. It was a formative experience for the future documentarist, and here he goes to visit the locals who acted in Allio’s film. The film’s no wallow in nostalgia, but a warm, funny, lively exploration of all manner of interlinked themes: history, documentation, madness, memory, family life, and so on. It’s an amazingly subtle film, and possibly a bit too tough for those who found little Jojo the most interesting element in Etre et Avoir; but it’s also a treasure trove, with rich pickings galore.

Update: an article and photograph in Le Monde (h/t Adresscomptoir):


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