A sex worker’s story

A sex worker tells her story:

It has been through my emersions that I have come to conclude sex work as never necessarily oppressive and in fact, in some cases, quite liberating. The following consists of a personal narrative of the author’s past year as a stripper inside a strip club called “The 20s.”


1. Physical Structure Spatial understanding is important for an understanding of power and the ways in which power negotiations take place.

The club is divided into two portions with respective bars, referred to as “Showgirl I” and “Showgirl II.” “Showgirl II” is comprised of one small stage, while “Showgirl I,” more commonly known among main participants as “The Main Bar,” houses the DJ booth, the main bar, the main stage, and two supporting stages. The DJ booth overlooks “Showgirl I,” including the main stage where individual dancers are introduced by their stage names and proceed to undress for the duration of a musical number. After dancing on the main stage, the dancer will move down the line to “stage two,” again for the duration of a musical number, and then on to “stage three.”


Of constant concern to me is the way mainstream social mentalities of sex influence participants within sex work.

For instance, Foucault’s History of Sexuality describes how social evolution has encouraged shifting perspectives on sex. Sex has become, through societal evolution, revered, private, and synonymous with expressions of love.In capitalistic societies, members come to associate spaces of (corporate) power with masculinity and “oppressor.” His “subordinates” are therefore oppressed and to throw sex in the midst makes for a seemingly horribly oppressive and abusive interaction.

Interestingly enough this was posted on the KETV Omaha website.


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  1. Thank you. This is quite enought when one is trying cold about everything of that kind, as working on this kind planet:
    But someone is kncking at the door, les témoins de Jehovah

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