What could this possibly mean:

I remember Baudrillard once remarking that Left only ever make banal mistakes when, in fact, things would be better if they could develop the impossible art of fatal mistakes. Perhaps the only answer, he then concluded, was to abandon not only the left/right division, but also politics itself. This is certainly a continuation of his thesis in Forget Foucault: okay, so if the subject is the effect of power and we don’t know where resistance to power might begin (Foucault and his followers), then resistance to power should begin by forgetting power (Baudrillard).

I can’t speak for Foucault “followers” but I’d like to know where Foucault said that we don’t know where resistance to power might begin.


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  1. And I’d like to know where – if this is your implication – that I attributed such a statement to Foucault! Of course, Foucault and his followers make various attempts to suggest where the resistance to power might begin; however, the complete lack of credibility of these suggestions – I believe – indicates a real panic within Foucauldian thinking.

  2. I quoted your summary of Baudrillard which claims “we don’t know where resistance to power might begin (Foucault and his followers).”

    Now you’re saying that after all Foucault did know where resistance might “begin” but that you personally don’t find it credible.

    Two different things. I don’t have a problem with someone arguing the second (although you have not substantiated it) but the first is wrong on its face.

  3. So if I say that that Tony Blair doesn’t yet know the full consequences of the Iraq war, then I am committed – in your view – to the claim that Blair has explicitly said this!?

    I said that Foucault and his followers don’t know where resistance to power might begin, but I didn’t specify whether I think this because they explicitly acknowledge it or because I find their views on the matter unconvincing. And, if you are serious about becoming a blogger yourself, then you’ll soon learn that you cannot substantiate or explicate every claim you make in a post. If you do, people lose interest.

    Having looked at the rest of your blog, I see that you are in the business of tracking and following references to Foucault… interesting, then, that you put scare quotes round my own reference to Foucault’s “followers”, given that your blog presumably appeals to those who wish to “follow” references etc to Foucault!

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