Sashay at I-Post (which seems to be a blog on digital cultures) contemplates historical ontology. I love these kinds of speculation and speculative musings (often written while the author is doing a paper):

In going through Foucault’s various books and articles that I’ve read this semester, I came across this very dense and apt phrase in Order of Things that seems to sum up the entire concept of historical ontology:

“History shows that everything that has been thought will be thought again by a thought that does not yet exist”
(p. 372)

Here’s another one:

So, I wrote my Epistemology paper on Foucault’s Discipline & Punish and the Hive Mind of Fandom. Eventually, as in next year, this will be developed into my senior thesis. So I thought, why not post it? Here goes nothing!

Are these nothings, or something important in the way of thought?


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