Sex offender geosurveillance

Microsoft have just proudly announced that an application of their software is being used in geosurveillance of sex offenders in North Carolina.

This public facing site was designed to keep families and communities safe by allowing citizens to know when offenders move into their neighborhoods and where those offenders live. In addition to searching for all offenders within a geographic region, citizens can can track specific offenders and can sign up to receive e-mail alerts when an offender registers to an address in their community.

As the entry says “Microsoft worked with them” on this. No discussion of the implications of this normalizing surveillance…


2 Responses

  1. Today a very confused nation chose to kill a young boy for a sex offense.
    A child who committed a sexual act is now going to be murdered by a nation.
    How is that possible?
    The very same reason that humans are cutting off the heads of people in the middle east.
    These combating nations are parasitic of one another, and can not survive without each others hate.
    The one thing they need is your guilty feelings about sex.
    The one thing that is shared out of love between two people
    has become the thing the world wants to kill children with because they are good god fearing people.
    How can people in this nation feel their choice has any merit to god or bring any sense of pride to themselves,
    of course on this race to the bottom Americans Like John Walsh feel the taking of a life is OK.
    Children’s lives who have yet to determine who they want to be in life have their lives taken by fools in Windsor knotted ties, playing war for political gain.

  2. Again and again, political proponents of harming other, need desperately to expand there horizons as does most mushroom people who us old outdated information to create a law.
    See some real number at:

    The huge and destructive mistake made by the original therapist who said sex offenders are stuck in a rut of abuse have since been proven completely wrong and society only knows the lie.
    When a government uses religious motives with inaccurate information they look and sound like other countries who stone their young. No good can come from this nor will any country respect their people who chose to tear down or harm it people. More damaging is the fact that the truth was hidden due to greed. That is not how people who want to best look out for it people placing priorities on destroying the fabric that makes community’s strong, namely Family. Honest mistakes is how most get on the registry.

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