Post mortem on AAG

Last week’s AAG conference in San Francisco is officially over and I’m back home. Actually getting home is another story, the moral of which is that Atlanta’s airport is super busy on Sunday evenings so don’t even think of getting a taxi (the line was wrapped around 3-4 times at 10pm). A 45 minute wait for your luggage to emerge!

So the conference was quite mixed. Foucault highlights however were for me several sessions on Friday that dealt with governmentality (the session I was in was on governing race) and biopolitics. Quite a lot of the latter was from the perspective of Agamben however, which I can’t say I find as interesting at this time.

Interesting paper from Claudio Minca however, with whom I had a chance to chat afterwards. Minca is the author of several papers on Agamben’s geographies. Claudio told me he was born in Trieste and was interested in my comments about WWI and the Inquiry. Other papers that were good were Matt Hannah’s paper on the underscrutinized as a “race” (a designation I have an issue with, although not Matt’s analysis).

I did notice a lot of people reading their papers, sometimes even sitting down and droning through it. I took the approach of having notes and a powerpoint set of mostly images. People with more theoretical papers do tend to read but it makes it a boring and unmemorable paper, even if you are a gifted reader-out-loud.

Hilton lobby globe

SF itself was great. I went with a friend on a ferry across the bay to Tiburon, a small “no there there” place near Sausolito. We went mostly for the ferry experience anyway, which was unfortunately a little rainy and cold. You go very close to Alcatraz though (you can see the tourists walking around).

Pier 41 with Alcatraz in background


San Francisco 063
The ferry to Tiburon

Next year is Boston then Las Vegas!

If you saw any noteworthy papers or presentations last week, please add them in comments!


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