Why are there no geography blogs?

This is a Foucault blog. I am a geographer by training. But it is not a geography blog.

Why are there no geography blogs? There are a lot of blogs; some 60 million perhaps.

The number of blogs is a reflection of how healthy and vigorous a discipline is. There are Anthropology blogs and English blogs. There are philosophy blogs. There are tons of political blogs, some of them with circulations larger than many newspapers. (There are news blogs.) There are to be sure, a quadzillion GIS blogs.

One legitimate response is to say so what? Disciplines are reactionary and artificial.

Another response is that there actually are geography blogs. Well, there are geography sites (about 1,000 of them in Alexa alone). But these aren’t blogs.

I can’t say that it’s easy to find geography blogs in the same way you can find blogs on the topics above. Are there any geography blogs maintained by geographers? Either students or faculty?

Technorati is the leading site for measuring blogs. Enter say anthropology and you get actual anthropology blogs. Enter geography and you get either GIS or non-geography blogs.

Why are there no geography blogs?


3 Responses

  1. In portuguese have too much geography blogs

  2. Very Spatial is a geography blog, and has been around for quite awhile:


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