Foucault and the specific intellectual

Fantastic article about Foucault and the specific intellectual here.

The specific intellectual does not make universal claims but works in specific and precise contexts.

This is an important point to keep in mind, and that is that the end (or demise) of the universal intellectual, did not coincide with the end of a measure of doing things that aspires to be universal and all pervasive, the one promoted and reproduced by capitalist markets. Hence the specific intellectuals who are problematising the mode of production of their specific knowledge and the business measures these are subjected to, find in these hubs a privileged context for the production of commons across specificities, in that these hubs are a) unique microcosms of the world at large, with its social relations of struggle and hierarchies reproduced by capital measuring processes (from migrant undocumented cleaners of toilets and lecture halls and underpaid precarious form of knowledge labour, to managers and CEO; from wage hierarchy, to business-customer relations); b) spaces in which to launch the exploration of patterns of recomposition that overflow outside of the university by challenging the business modes of interaction with the outside world that specific intellectuals are required to subordinate to. The key question: how and on what basis to re-configure and re-articulate the universe of specific practices of which specific intellectuals are some types of “experts”?


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  1. […] of this is his interest in counter-knowledges and resistance to power. Part of it is his aversion to the idea of the “total” or universal intellectual and making totalizing statements. Part of it I […]

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