Doctor Who and Foucault

Well! I couldn’t resist this:

In the theories of Michel Foucault power is created by knowledge. He states that “power produces knowledge” and there is no “knowledge that does not presuppose and constitute […] power relations” (D&P 27). Thus, power creates the knowledge that enables itself. However, power exists merely because it labels itself as such, if the knowledge is accepted by others. And because power is dependant on the knowledge that speaks of it, then it is by the belief in the knowledge that power truly has power. This creates power as a shadowplay that can be disrupted with the proper information and it is in this gap that The Doctor thrives.

The writer goes on to explain how in the TV show Doctor Who (not, please, “Dr.”) the Doctor searches for knowledge, which when gained affords him some measure of power over something or someone.

So far so good. But what about the inverse? MF is as keen to point out that there can be no knowledge absent certain relations of power, and it is typically this latter point that has attracted most of the attention. I think the Doctor would be very much against this idea.

Still, gotta love DW!


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