Religious uptake of Foucault

If Foucault is so historically inaccurate as his critics like to say, why are there so many people in religious studies reading his work?


2 Responses

  1. Jeremy: perhaps I should also have included in my disclaimer the fact that I am not a Foucault expert either 🙂 First, I should mention that this is a Classics seminar, not religious studies. Second, my prof (who has his PhD from that little-known New Jersey academy, Princeton University) is something of an expert in ancient Greek Sexuality, and he seems to think that Foucault’s historical accuracy is entirely credible. I’m willing to ride his coattails in that respect 🙂

  2. Princeton? Where dat? 🙂

    Seriously though that’s my point, that I find it significant that one of the raps against MF is his supposed historical inaccuracies, yet plenty of historians and classicists do find him credible.

    I think some of this arises from critics who to put it frankly, haven’t read him.

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