Biopolitics of Space

Is it time for a biopolitics of space?

As of today here are the only works that deal with both “biopolitics” and “space”:

CRONIN, A.M., 2006. Advertising and the metabolism of the city: Urban space, commodity rhythms. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 24(4), pp. 615-632.

DEMETRIOU, O., 2006. Streets not named: Discursive dead ends and the politics of orientation in intercommunal spatial relations in Northern Greece. Cultural Anthropology, 21(2), pp. 295-321.

DIKEN, B., 2004. From refugee camps to gated communities: Biopolitics and the end of the city. Citizenship Studies, 8(1), pp. 83-106.

EBOKO, F., 2005. Law against morality? Access to anti-AIDS drugs in Africa. International Social Science Journal, (186), pp. 715-724.

GANCHOFF, C., 2004. Regenerating movements: Embryonic stem cells and the politics of potentiality. Sociology of Health and Illness, 26(6), pp. 757-774.

HANAFIN, P., 2006. Gender, citizenship and human reproduction in contemporary Italy. Feminist Legal Studies, 14(3), pp. 329-352.

LEGG, S., 2005. Foucault’s population geographies: Classifications, biopolitics and governmental spaces. Population, Space and Place, 11(3), pp. 137-156.

MINCA, C., 2007. Agamben’s geographies of modernity. Political Geography, 26(1), pp. 78-97.

MINCA, C., 2006. Giorgio Agamben and the new biopolitical nomos. Geografiska Annaler, Series B: Human Geography, 88(4), pp. 387-403.

PHILO, C., 2001. Accumulating populations: Bodies, institutions and space. International Journal of Population Geography, 7(6), pp. 473-490.

SPARKE, M.B., 2006. A neoliberal nexus: Economy, security and the biopolitics of citizenship on the border. Political Geography, 25(2), pp. 151-180.

SYLVESTER, C., 2006. Bare life as a development/postcolonial problematic. Geographical Journal, 172(1), pp. 66-77.


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