Foucault roundup

A roundup of Foucault-related events on the web (brought to us via the Google alerts system).

1.,  Gary Sauer-Thompson’s blog, notes a new essay on Foucault and sovereignty (pdf) in Pli, the Warwick Journal of Philosophy (special issue on biopower, sovereignty and total mobilization).

2.  Somebody working with Foucault’s notion of the event:

In this second scene chapter I engage with Foucault’s notion of eventalization and think of the scene as a discursive event (another kind of incorporal materialism), which sets up the rest of the diss as I investigate in the archive the problematics of the scene discovered through my fieldwork — these are basically: enthusiast media, social organisation, commodified events, nationalism, trans-local flows in globalisation, and gender and the non-human erotics of modified-car culture.

3. Amusing if negative comment from David Brin, the sf writer of techno-fantasies (think Larry Niven):

I have opined elsewhere upon the debilitating and cynically futile effects of postmodernism in its most blatant forms, ranging from Derida and Foucault all the way to today’s US English and literature departments, which are dominated largely by anti-science, anti-future and anti-science-fiction dittoheads. So, no, the problem is not purely French… though the purest essence of this galling trend seems to be Gallic.

Sociology is, I’m afraid, one of a dozen or so academic specialties that seemed quite hopeful, in the 1950s, but ran up against their inability to pass the fundamental test of a science… the making of falsifiable predictions that then allow selection choice among increasingly accurate models of the world.

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